A Man’s Guide To Divorce Strategy

Men don’t like to read, and this book is written with that in mind. It is an essential guide to the big questions men have about divorce, how long it will take, and what it will cost them. For the man who is thinking about getting divorced, and for the man who is in the middle of the process, this book provides the instructions on how to protect yourself, and your assets.

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A Man's Guide To Child Custody

Fatherhood is forever, and being a father is the most permanent relationship a man can have. Wives and girlfriends come and go, but children are ours forever. Your relationship with your children is the most important relationship you have, and you need answers on how to protect and enhance that relationship - that's what this book is about.

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A Man's Guide to Domestic Violence

Men are the victims of Domestic Violence also, either by being physically beaten, emotionally battered, or frequently by being accused of being a batterer when they aren't. This book explains what a man can do to protect himself in all those situations.

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