Could Brad Pitt win Primary Physical Custody of His Children with Angelina Jolie?

A major issue in any child custody battle is whether or not a parent is abusing the children, usually not physically, but emotionally. It’s certain in my opinion to be an issue in the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie child custody and divorce case. Her behavior of trying to alienate the children from Brad is a clear indicator to most experienced observers of abusive behavior. The emotional abuse that one parent perpetrate upon a child is astounding, especially in area of parental alienation. I have no idea if the situation is that bad with Brad and the children, but in my experience the dangers to the children are real for children who have been alienated from a parent. And the effects are probably even worse on the parent, who suffers greatly at the loss of time and relationship with a child.

The “cure” for this behavior is a wholesale switching of custody, obviously judges rarely do that lightly. The case has to be brutally clear for a judge to remove a child from one parent’s home (especially if that is the “stable” home they’ve been living in).

I don’t have enough facts to really know what’s going on with the custody battle of Brad and Angelina, but I share my obserations with here.

Could Angelina lose custody of her children for abusive behavior?

Could Angelina lose custody of her children for abusive behavior?



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I was asked to comment on the ever shocking child custody case of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for

Angie is saying Brads a deadbeat dad who hasn’t paid “meaningful” support. He says he’s given her $9,000,000 for six children for about 18 months of support

So that’s about $500,000 a month or $91,000 per child per month. I’m pretty sure I could feed clothe and house a child on that monthly. Maybe even annually.

Remember that’s all child support is after tax money that she doesn’t pay income taxes on.

Here’s the full article will all my comments.

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Many high net worth couples don’t want the world knowing all their assets and financial particulars, but a divorce settlement is supposed to be a public document – so what do they do?

Lawyers being lawyers, of course we’ve found a way around this, and I explain it in this video. If you want more information please feel free to contact me at or call us at 310.664.9969.

As divorce attorneys in Southern California, we’ve handled cases from small to huge, from simple to very complex. In the past 19 years, there is almost no situation that we haven’t come across and handled for our clients. Whether it is finding the hidden money, or that “secret” marriage of the ex-spouse so that she can continue to collect on the court ordered spousal support – we’ve served our clients.

If you need to get a divorce, but also need to keep your assets private, we can do that.

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If you’ve been served with a Petition and Summons, and you come to my office, I can pretty much guarantee what the top two questions you have for me. I’ve answered them probably 4,000 times over the past 19 years of being a divorce and child custody lawyer. It happens in domestic violence cases, in paternity cases and always in marital dissolution cases.

In this latest video I answer those questions. If you need more information about the divorce process, or how to have more parenting time with your children, feel free to email me or call us at 310.664.9969.



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Hey guys, I built out a video podcast series that you can download from iTunes, or see episodes here, or watch all my videos on the Men’s Family Law channel at

I have about 600 questions I’ll be answering on the new video family law podcast – BUT if you have a burning question that I’ve not answered yet – shoot me an email at DAVID@MENSFAMILYLAW.COM and I’ll try to make a video for you! If you want a shoutout – let me know and I’ll mention you by name.

The goal of this video podcast is to answer questions about divorce, child custody, alimony, domestic violence, marital dissolutions, prenuptial agreements, premarital agreements, child support, spousal support and parenting plans. I’ll be offering strategies on going in to court so that you know what you’re facing.

Family law has a form for just about everything, there’s the Petition, the Response, Request for Orders, Request for Alimony, Request for Attorney’s fees, Request for visitation, Domestic Violence Restraining Order applications, and Responses to all of that.

It’s all very confusing, and I hope to explain it so you have a better understanding of what is expected of you in court.

Thanks for watching, and remember – a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake can get you through just about everything.

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Rich people problems! What do you do when your spouse takes the $35,000,000 Picasso and leaves you a copy they painted in it is place? you call your publicist! Seriously, that has to be how this story got into the media.

Billionaire Bill Gross and his wife were splitting up their art collection – using a coin toss like you do – and she was awarded various pieces. Turns out she’s also a pretty good artist herself and she had painted copies – so she left one in the place where the $35 million dollar Picasso had been.

At least she left him something to remember her by.

If you are splitting up the assets in your divorce, sometimes using the coin toss method can work – if you are getting along fairly well. other times, we have used methods like pieces of paper in a hat, alternating choices as an inventory is done but most often the men are just so exhausted emotionally they just leave everything- which is fine, but be sure to get a valuation done so that you can use it to equalize up the money later.

Divorces are ugly and painful, but they don’t have to be financially devastating if you plan for it, and have a strategy. If you want help, give us a  call.

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Hey Guys, I’ve been writing for the for years. You may have read my articles on contraception for teens or about my documentary What About The Men? regarding domestic violence and male victims. I’ve covered legal issues and empowerment issues to make it possible for men to be better men.

I  believe that it takes a man to teach a man how to be a man, and I support the work that does with an annual membership and my writing. I’m asking you to help out as well. For as little as $5.00 you can support and grown a new media company that is creating dialogue about and between men on a HUGE VARIETY of topics.

They’re running an campaign here and they could really use your support. Every little bit helps, especially in the beginning to get momentum going with the Indiegogo algorithms.

Thank you for being a supporter of mine,and if I can help you out, please feel free to email me.

I know donations can be hard to come by, espeically if you’re fighting for your children or to pay your child support, but a $5.00 donation now will really help out the GoodMenProject Indiegogo campaign, and keep them growing in ways to serve you and the sons of tomorrow!

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Studies from an independent divorce and family law firm show that there is a time in your life that it statistically better to get married so that you have the least chance of facing a divorce. The thinkin gos hat you wnat to be mature enough to recognize a good spouse partner and not so set in your ways that you can’t adapt to the rigors of a new relationship.

From my perpetual robe of seeing hundreds of divorces over the years. The biggest issue is unrealistic expectations by either or both parties. Maybe there’s an age to help this but in general I think it’s more about education and maturity, but MOSTLY it’s about communication and having conversations prior to, and the man DURING the marriage to adapt and compromise.

Divorce is more of a symptom than a cause and the cause is more out of lack of communication and concern in most cases. The cheating spouse is usually doing so for a reason. The shutdown spouse is doing so for a reason. The frigid spouse is doing so for a reason.

If people talked more. Honestly and openly, the divorce rate would not be 70% of first marriages. It’s a lesson that they learn and then practice on their second and third marriages which have a 50% and 40 % chance of ending in divorce.

But check out this article from on divorce rates and see when the prime time to marry is to reduce the divorce risk.

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As if you needed another reason to learn how to protect yourself and your important personal assets. This case out of Chicago will remind you that buying tickets and box seats with community funds can cost you. 
This poor guy bought tickets and the the Cubs made it to the series and now he has to buy his soon to be ex a ticket as well.

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Can Brad Pitt be told who to date by Angelina Jolie?


Angelina blocking picture of Brad Pitt.

Angelina blocking picture of Brad Pitt.

The rumors are flying that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are doing battle on their post divorce relationships. Some people are saying that Angie wants to limit who Brad can date and how publicly. Sure  sounds like someone is being overly controlling, if it’s true. In the18 years I’ve been practicing family law, I’ve never seen anything like this in a divorce judgment, but when I was speaking with I told them my thoughts on whether it was legal or not.

“No sane lawyer would allow a ‘no dating clause’ in a divorce judgement,” divorce attorney David Pisarra told Hollywood Life on January 4. “I suppose, if there was enough consideration and money involved, such a clause is theoretically possible. I am not sure how a judge would be able to enforce such a clause unless there was a forfeiting of money.”

In the wacky world of divorce and celebrity, I suppose anything is possible. You can read more here.


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