They’re back at it white a new reality show from Blac Chyna in the works and she wants their child Dream in tv. Rob doesn’t want Dream on tv so I was asked about it by

I think someone will get sole legal custody even if it’s just limited to this one issue to decide what happens with Dream’s big tv career.

A limited sole legal custody decision would let one parent take control over her tv appearance on this show or maybe her entire tv career. This will be interesting to see how it play out.

Normally child custody and paternity cases like this are Confidential but with these two nothing is private. If we see Dream we know Blac won and if not, Rob won.

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For parents of special needs children there is a great demand for knowledge and information. Children on the spectrum of autism have challenges that need to be addressed by proper parenting.

The more a parent knows about specials needs like autism the better and more effective they can be.

The website FUTURE LEARN provides access to university level courses at free or reduced prices. This course is available for parents who need to learn more about Austism.

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Ask any parent with a difficult ex and the truth is that being controlling about Parenting Time and visitations is just not taken seriously by the police, the district attorney, or the courts without you digging in and demanding it. Get behind in your child support and the full weight of the government is on you in a flash.

When your ex refuses to honor the court order, the police will likely not do anything beyond ask them to let the children go as they’ll have a reason why not to. If there is the slightest wiggle room in the order the police will work their way out of becoming involved.

When the ex refuses to exchange the children you have to go file a report with the local police. They’ll only give you an incident number. Keep doing it. This painful annoying and frustrating process has to happen many MANY MANY times before it’s worth your time to go to court for an order to either change the physical custody or make other arrangements like school pickups.

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Yes it is. The questions to be asked though are why and how much?

Parental alienation is the interference with the parent child relationship by a former spouse or partner. It can be mild moderate or severe.

In most breakups there is some resentment and hurt that “leaks” from the parent into the child about their ex. Usually it dissipates and people move on.

In some cases it is worse and needs to be addressed with compare ting classes and some therapy.

And in a few cases it is so severe that extreme measures to u do the damage are necessary. Those involve reunification therapy for the alienated parent and child. A change in physical custody away from the alienating parent and strong judicial oversight.

It is important to have good legal and psychological counsel through the child custody phase of a divorce or paternity case to address these issues and determine the best path forward.

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Minor’s counsel are appointed by the court to represent a minor in a child custody case, Los Angeles Child Custody Expert David Pisarra explains the ins and outs with this video.

Do you want to know what a Minor’s Counsel is and how it can help you in a child custody case? My name is David Pisarra, I’m with We represent fathers in child custody cases all the time. Sometimes we have to have what’s called minor’s counsel appointed. A minor’s counsel is a lawyer appointed by the judge specifically to represent the child’s interest. So that they’re job is to go in and investigate, the meet with the child and the represent the child’s best interests in court. Not necessarily in favor of mom not necessarily in favor of dad. They are there to tell the judge what the child wants. Sometimes that’s easier than others. Oftentimes it’s easier with a teenager than a three year old. Because three year olds are not very verbal.
But the minor’s counsel’s role is to go into court and explain to the judge as sort of a third party whose job is to be in theory objective but at the same time represent the child’s interest. Minor’s counsels are appointed by the judge although sometimes they are paid for by the county most of the times these days they are paid for by the parties. The judge will make one party pay most of the minor’s counsel fee or all of the minor’s counsel fee, depending on the financial circumstances of the parties. then at time of trial the court depending on what the minor’s counsel says, can do what’s called apportionment. they can apportion, they can divide the fees and whose responsible, so that maybe dad has to, and usually does, has to front the money for the minor’s counsel, at time of trial the judge might come back and say well minor’s counsel found actually in favor of dad so he has to pay all of it or the minor’s counsel might come back and say both parents are good parents we should have a 50/50 custody split and the judge will look at it and split the fees because mom’s working and dad’s working. there are all kinds of factors involved in figuring out whose going to actually pay for minor’s counsel but the reality is a judge is going to look at it and say, who can afford it, and then how can they split it if possible. I hope you find that helpful, please feel free to give me a call, check out our website and remember a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake will get you through just about everything.

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As a sad example of how things escalate in domestic relations when there is Domestic abuse happening, this couple ended up with the husband dead and the wife facing prison.

He had a “man cave” and installed a porn channel. She had previously cancelled the channel twice. That’s an example of controlling behavior he should have seen as a red flag warning of increasing domestic abuse and potentially domestic violence.

On the third time he subscribed to the channel she found out and confronted him with a gun about it.

Now he’s dead.

Pay attention to those relationship red flags. I had a friend who was killed by her husband which was shocking but not surprising because they had a very contentious relationship. Both were volatile and now she’s dead and he’s in prison.


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What Is a Wage Garnishment? explained by Los Angeles Child Custody Attorney David Pisarra in a short video that kills the legalese and tells you what a garnishment is AND why it’s good for you as a father who’s having his wages taken from him.

Do you want to know what a Wage Garnishment is and why it’s good for you? My name is David Pisarra I’m with and we represent men and fathers who have gone to court and they’ve had child support awards issued against them. What then happens is mom asks that a wage garnishment be put on dad’s employment, your employment. Oftentimes men look at that and thinks it’s a bad thing. That’s its going to be an embarrassment that it’s humiliating, that’s it’s not good for their employment, that their employer is going to look down on them. there’s all kinds of reasons, but the reality is a wage garnishment is actually probably your best friend when it comes to child support and here’s why. Somebody else is responsible for making sure that the payments get paid to mom so that she can’t come back in 2 years or five years or ten years and say you never paid it. There’s going to be a record, your employer is going to have a record, it has to be paid to a government agency they’re going to keep records, although their records are pretty shaky, you’re better off having the employer’s records because they’re going to keep track of it, and you won’t have to. that’s why a wage garnishment is actually a good thing for you and you should be happy to have one. I hope that helps if you’ve got other questions please feel free to give me a call or check out our website, and remember a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake will get you through just about everything.

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The list of events and places to visit is long in this world. There is more to do with your kids than the movies and Chuck E. Cheese and this website helps dad find things to do that are not stupidly expensive but are still wholesome and fun and educational.

Dads are often given only a little time in their divorce and child custody cases. Most paternity cases allow dad to have every other weekend and a Wednesday night pizza dinner.

By having more and better options you make the most of your parenting time and relationship with your children.

Check out this website for ideas in the Los Angeles Area

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An 8year old has been taken from his mothers home and put in government care because his mom was filling his head with”hateful feelings” for his father.

The father is likely to get custody since he will foster a healthy relationship with the mother.

That begs the question of why the boy wasn’t directly given to the dad, and put in foster care instead. Small steps I guess.

Article here.

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What Is a Co-Parenting Class? Los Angeles Child Custody Attorney David Pisarra Explains

Are you wondering what a co-parenting class is? Let me help you out here. My name is David Pisarra, I’m with We represent fathers who go into court on a regular basis to try and get more custody with their children. Usually when that’s the situation mother and father are not doing well in their communication style. So frequently a judge will order the parents to what is called Co-Parenting classes. Usually it’s a six to 10 week program offered by a psychotherapist sometimes it’s a psychologist and what it’s designed to do is to help you guys with your communication skills so that you can learn how to communicate about the child, not necessarily about all the bad things you did to each other in your relationship. The goal is to get rid of the anger and to put it beyond you so that you can actually focus on the best interest of the child which is what the judge really wants more than anything and that’s what everybody wants. So a co-parenting class is just a six maybe a ten week program usually it’s done in a group setting of three to five other couples and the therapist facilitates it and you go through some workbooks and you go through some exercises to get you guys to learn how to communicate with each other in a way that is actually beneficial to the child. Why do I tell you all this? Because I answer questions like this all the time. Please feel free to check out our website, watch the other videos, read my books and if you still have questions feel free to give me a call. And remember a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake will get you through just about everything.

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