In this podcast I explain to fathers why they need to be recording artists to improve their chances in family court. When you are going through a divorce or paternity case, if you’re fighting over child custody, child visitation and holidays, you need to have evidence. I tell you how to prepare yourself in this podcast to be a recording artist, I tell you what that means, why you do it, and how you can do it starting today.

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Fatherhood Photo Series on TheGoodMenProject

Published on 09 January 2014 by in blog

This a very cool photo series of fathers being fathers. Playful, giving, loving men at play with their children. I found the photos to be a great display of what makes men wonderful parents. Father’s who are feeding their children. Fathers who are tea with their daughters and romping with their sons. Fathers who attend to their children’s needs, whether it is fantasy time, or in their last month’s of life, fathers are there.

I hope it brings some lightness to you, for this is the essence of being  father, and this is what the Child Custody lawyers at fight for.

Check out the full series here.


Matt and Alex, by Mathias Johnson Photo as shown on

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David LaFerriere started drawing on his sons lunch bags. They became a sensation, but for this father, they remain an act of love for his sons:





See More of them here:

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I found this discussion on The Dish to be a good starting point on paid paternity leave and men being fathers. It has an interesting section written by Ta-nehisi Coates on his experience as a black father in Flatbush and how he was treated by the neighborhood, and women in particular. Stay at home dads and men on paternity leave have a new role in our society and are cutting new ground. To quote Martha Stewart: “It’s a good thing.”


When Daddy Helps, Everyone Wins

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Men’s Family Law – Nationally recognized Father’s Rights expert David Pisarra explains the three most important things fathers need to know about Child Custody and the strategy of getting the most time with their child.

Proximity – What does this mean and why is it important?

Paperwork – Here’s a strategy to help you protect your parenting time.

Persistence – How to stick it out

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The Men’s Family Law Podcast – Episode 1 – Three Ps of Child Custody

In this episode I explain the Three Ps of Child Custody for men who are going through a divorce or child custody battle.

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In the circus that is Brooke Mueller’s life, the latest is that she has lodged complaints with the Los Angeles Police Department, alleging Denise Richards was abusive to Charlie Sheen’s boys, AND the two daughters he had with Denise! This is getting to be ridonculous.

I see false allegations of child abuse on a regular basis, it’s almost mandatory in a divorce and child custody battle these days. I see the same types of claims by the terrified mother’s who say “I’m afraid that ….” and THAT  is how they get away with these false allegations of child molesting, or false allegations of negligence against the fathers. It’s unusual to see one woman picking on another woman, but hey in the wild world of the Warlock, when he has one women caring for another woman’s children because she can’t stay sober, it’s not unexpected.

If you’ve been accused of child molesting, child abuse or negligent parenting in a divorce or child custody case, take it from me, you are not alone, not by a long shot.
Check out the TMZ story here.

Charlie Sheen's crazy ex, charges his good ex with child abuse.

Charlie Sheen's crazy ex, charges his good ex with child abuse.







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Newsweek article on Pet Custody and What About Wally?

When I wrote What About Wally? Co-Parenting a Pet With Your Ex, I wanted to help people understand how to co-parent and share a pet. The topic has become more and more familiar as people continue to fight over their pets.
I am very proud that my work has been recognized by NEWSWEEK.COM along with the work of my co-writer, Steven May. This article means more people will learn about what they can to prevent additional heartache, and possible ways to solve their disputes so that everyone wins in a pet custody case.

Here’s the money quote:

“As people increasingly view their pets as members of the family, the issues of separation aren’t that different from child custody, according to pet consultant Steven May (who, it is true, has a dog in this fight). During his divorce, May hired family law attorney David Pisarra to deal with, among other things, custody of his daughter, three dogs, two cats, and a parrot. Pisarra had handled such cases before and even co-parented a pet himself. May and Pisarra co-wrote What About Wally: Co-Parenting a Pet With Your Ex.

Adopting an animal with a partner is often a first step toward starting a family, says May. And even if that relationship sours, love for the pet usually remains. He adds that couples can even mend some of the hurt and loss they are feeling with a good pet co-parenting plan.”

The book What About Wally? Co-Parenting a Pet with Your Ex, is available on


The only book on how to share a dog.

When you need to co-parent a pet, this is the answer.

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What Happens When A Parent is An Alienating Parent?

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In Parental Alienation child custody cases, I’m often asked what is the best way to treat the situation. It’s very difficult because judges do not like taking custody away from a parent. When alienating behavior has progressed though, and the parent child relationship has been damaged, the recommended treatment plan is to have an intensive period of reunification between the alienated parent and the child, with NO contact from the alienator, and then a plan to reintroduce the alienating parent into the child’s life.

The goal is to provide the child with enough information about the alienated parent that they can form THEIR OWN concept of who their parent is, and that they will then be able to defend on a psychological basis against the alienating comments of the alienator.  These cases are very difficult and painful for all involved. They are hard to prove to a court so kudos to the lawyers for Dad in the Dr. 90210 case.

This is what a reunification plan looks like, it seems to me that it must be what was going in the case of DR 90210 and his ex-wife.


Dr. Brian Evans - Dr. 90210

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Why I’m a Divorce and Child Custody Lawyer

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Why I’m a Divorce and Child Custody Lawyer

Here’s an interview I did about why I do what I do, and what it is like. The website is for lawyers thinking about changing areas of the law, maybe they want to become a divorce or child custody attorney. It also is for people who are considering going to law school, and want to know what I do as a divorce attorney who fights for child custody for men.

Check it out here


Fathers who have custody of their children

Dads in the park

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