In the SUPERDRAMATIC MEGADIVORCE of Eric Stevens and Tiffany Khalily Stevens, the parties were fighting over everything. This one had almost everything, Restraining Orders, Psychologists, Abuse Allegations, and  Financial Fights.

But now, it has the ultimate in Divorce Wargames – Attempted Murder Charges.

Mugshot of the ex.

Not exactly Mother of The Year material.

Seems that the bitter ex Mrs. Stevens wasn’t happy with destroying her ex-husband, she wanted him killed. Probably not a good move, as if she’s in jail, my guess is that he’s going to get custody of child, and maybe his property back.



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ALL Assets Of A Marriage Should Be Valued !

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I tell the men I represent in Divorce Court that they should always look to what she has hidden, because when we are dividing up assets, even if you don’t want what she has, like half of a GIANT Shoe collection, you DO want half the value!

The value of this shoe collection should have been split when divorcing.

When a marriage falls apart, even the angriest of husbands probably wouldn’t bother laying claim to his wife’s shoes.

But then, most wives don’t have a footwear collection worth $1million (£640,000).

Hedge fund manager Daniel Shak is suing his ex-wife, Beth, for 35 per cent of all the shoes she owns, claiming she kept them hidden as they thrashed out a $3.25million (£2m) divorce settlement.

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Usher Wins Primary Physical Custody Of His Son !

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In a great development in the awareness of how capable men are as fathers, Usher was awarded primary physical custody of his son over his ex. For father across the country from Los Angeles to New York, and across the world this is a great development in the growing body of men who are standing up and taking an active role as the primary parent in their children’s lives. Considering how some men have to fight allegations of domestic violence or child abuse just to see their kids on the weekends, this is a welcome change.

Read the TMZ story here.

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Prenuptial agreements make good sense for someone who has assets and is considering a marriage. In his second divorce Elon Musk paid out only a few million to his second wife Talulah Riley – so I’m thinking he must have had a really well written Prenuptial Agreement. Reportedly she gets a few trinkets like  Cartier and Gucci watches. Her cash payout is a mere 4.2 million over a 9 years.


Considering the wealth he’s generated lately, that seems like a pretty good deal – for him.

For more check out this story on

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Hey, Jennifer Smith mentioned me as the “Santa Monica lawyer” in this video. The quote in the print version was better where as a family law attorney in Santa Monica specializing in men I said, “It’s not about bashing women, it’s about empowering men.”

Check out this video though:


Wall Street Journal video on Divorce Lawyers Who Specialize in Men

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Levi Fights For Child Custody – Good For Him, Good For Tripp?

In the ongoing drama that is the Johnston/Palin battle, Levi Johnston has taken a new tactic: He’s going for Custody of his son based on Bristol’s less than stellar parenting skills. If he was my client, I’d have advised to make sure that he has taken a Parenting Class or two himself, and positioned himself in such a way to look best. In our child custody cases we usually want our fathers to be in Parenting Classes right away to show to the court that our dads are serious about being the best father and parent that they can be.

We recommend classes like for online and in person classes. There are many other services available and they are very useful. Most of my family law, divorce and paternity, clients say they learned a great deal from these classes.

The fight for custody is good for Levi Johnston, as he needs to be assertive and protect his rights. It’s also good for Tripp to have an active and engaged father, which is hard to do when he is living thousands of miles away from dad.


Daddy Levi Johnston with son Tripp

Levi Johnston Wants Custody of Son After Bristol Palin TV Show
By Andrew Lu on August 6, 2012 8:54 AM | No TrackBacks
Levi Johnston reportedly took steps to get child custody of his son Tripp away from his ex-girlfriend Bristol Palin.

Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin have had an acrimonious split that included the young man charging the Palins (including Sarah Palin) with trying to keep him away from his son.

But after seeing his son’s bad behavior on Bristol Palin’s reality television show, “Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp,” Johnston may now seek to turn the tables and grab custody of his son, gossip website TMZ reports.

Johnston reportedly dropped by a courthouse in Wasilla, Alaska, and picked up all the paperwork to obtain full custody of Tripp, reports TMZ. The young father, 22, said that he was “disgusted” by what he saw of his son’s behavior on the television show and expressed concern that Tripp is on a “downward spiral.”

Just two weeks ago, the three-year-old Tripp made headlines for allegedly using a gay slur on the television show, The Huffington Post reports.

Levi Johnston’s potential custody case may prove to be an uphill battle. Generally, courts will be reluctant to remove a child from his custodial parent except in extreme cases. This may be especially true when the custodial parent is the child’s mother.

In making the decision, a court will consider the best interests of the child. This can include looking at the custodial parent’s mental and physical health, evaluating if the child has a stable home environment, and looking for signs of mental or physical abuse. In addition, a court will likely give strong consideration to a parent’s drug or alcohol abuse.

Unless there is more evidence, proof that a child curses or acts like a spoiled brat will probably not be enough for a court to grant Levi Johnston’s potential custody request regarding his son Tripp.

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Fatherhood Is Fantastic ! Men Are Choosing To Be Dads Over Corporate Drones

Society is changing, and men are taking a much more active role in the family. Men are realizing what they have been giving up for decades and are now making the decision to be the more stay at home dads. I think it is fantastic, and fully support it.

This article from the NY Times on August 10, 2012 is a great read:

Just Wait Until Your Mother Gets Home
IN 2006, James Griffioen was a litigator at a national firm in San Francisco with an 18-month-old daughter and a problem. “Having to go back to the office and work 70 hours a week — or 90, if you want to make partner — that cracked something in me. Something broke,” he said. “It was all the drive and ambition I had as a lawyer. I looked at it over the next five years and thought, ‘There’s no way I’m even going to see my kid.’ ”

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This question is asked of us daily, and luckily the Judicial Council of California is there to help with information for people who want to get a divorce. This form was created by the Judicial Council to explain the process in broad easy to understand terms for anyone seeking a divorce.

As lawyers in Los Angeles we follow this basic process, though frequently with our cases there are many complex and confusing events that happen, but for the basic divorce process, this form makes it easy to understand.

Legal Steps for a Divorce in California

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What Does a Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer Cost?

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The question everyone wants to know is what does a Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer cost? This question is like asking what type of car do you want to buy? Do you want a Mercedes-Benz or a Kia? There are divorce attorneys who charge $750 an hour and have $50,000 retainers, there are divorce lawyers who charge $175 an hour and will let you pay as you go.

The average Los Angeles Divorce attorney will cost a few hundred dollars an hour, depending on their age, skill, education, experience and ability. The bigger the law firm the more expensive they will be. Attorneys in Santa Monica, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Venice and throughout West Los Angeles, are more expensive than attorneys in Lancaster.

The better question is what can my lawyer get done for me? The attorney who is a straight shooter and tells you the reality of what you are facing, no matter what they charge, is a better lawyer than the attorney who tells you what you want to hear rather than the truth.

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Pisarra & Grist is a law firm in Los Angeles County that represents parents in child custody cases where one parent is trying to move-away to another state or country. We have represented parents in many child custody battles. Whether the fight involved moving a child from Downey to Kansas, or from Santa Monica to Portugal, we have fought in the Los Angeles Superior Courts for our clients rights.

Move-Away cases are tremendously difficult for the left-behind parent, because the courts give so much power to the primary custodial parent to relocate as they wish, the left-behind parent needs to fight to make sure they have enough parenting time (visitation) with their child, either through video chat, vacation make up times or other measures to ensure that the parent-child relationship remains strong.

We recently represented a father who relocated from a South Asian country and because of the facts we were able to secure him primary physical custody of his daughter, which means she will be growing up and educated in California.

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