Obsession. The crazy Ex. Unhealthy relationships. They’re wild and fun and insane and dangerous.

We’ve all had those experiences where the chemistry is off the charts. It the match is soooooooooo wrong.

This is a podcast series from The LOS Angeles Times about the topic. 5 episodes worth listening to.


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This video is about the Response and the Proof of Service that must be filed and what to do if the Respondent DOESN’T file a Response – how to start a Default Judgment. When the Respondent is served with a Petition and all the other documents that go along with that, they have 30 days to file a Response with the court, after which if they haven’t filed it the Petitioner can ask they be put in Default and proceed with the case.


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In this video I cover what you need to do to protect yourself if you’re dating a foreign national and have a child together – it presents unique child custody and parenting questions – especially if they want to go to their home country. You need to protect yourself and this video tells you how.



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Published on 05 April 2019 by in blog

Everyone can get caught in the spousal support trap. Actor John Schneider had his worst year ever in 2016. “In the single worst financial year of my life, between those two floods, also the year that my mother passed away, the judge ordered me to pay $18,700 a month in temporary spousal support. And I did not because I could not. And I was guilty on 11 counts of contempt for that. So, I asked the judge to send me to jail.”

It’s April 2019 and he’s still not divorced. These cases can take a long time to resolve.

Read more about “Bo” here.

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Part of divorce is disclosing all the assets and debts to each other – that’s done with the Declaration of Disclosure, a Schedule of Assets and Debts, Income and Expense Declaration. You must attach the documents that prove ownership of assets like deeds, title to cars, policies of insurance, and debts like credit card statements. In a divorce you have a fiduciary duty to disclose everything, or the court can punish you severely.



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This episode of the Men’s Family Law show I share about what to do if you’re dating a foreign national and have a child together. Act quickly to make sure you don’t lose your rights. And check yourself to make sure you don’t lose your nuts – hey it’s national Testicular Cancer Awareness Month so go play with yourself in the shower, after you’ve checked out www.testicularcancerawarenessmonth.com for information and education.

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So these identical twins In Brazil were using their dual personnas to be playas in the game of sex and dating. But when a child came along and they thought they could escape child support since neither of them could be conclusively proved to be the father the court had a differing idea.

They’re BOTH paying support now.

Guess the mama had the last laugh in this pair.

Read more about it here.

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Service of the Summons and Petition in a Divorce by the Petitioner is crucial to moving the case forward. This movie explains how to do that and explains an easy way to save money doing it.


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I explain the Summons and the Automatic Restraining Orders (ATROS) that are put into place by the court when a divorce / dissolution is filed. They apply immediately to the Petitioner and only to the Respondent AFTER they served – so serve those papers!


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Hugging Makes Your Children Smarter

Published on 01 April 2019 by in blog

This story supports the idea that we need to have loads of physical contact as we develop. We know it’s true with premature babies, and this expands upon the science.

It’s yet another reason why fathers are so important in their children development since they engage more physically with children as they grow.

But you can’t hug what’s not there. Child custody and parenting time is crucial not just for you but for the child as well. This is why we do the work we do because men love their children and want to be a part of their childhood development and upbringing in. Being an every other weekend dad is just not good enough for dads or kids.

Read about the science here.

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