The Public Divorce Nightmare that Angelina Jolie is Creating For Brad Pitt


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Public or Private?

When it comes to divorce strategy there are a few things that men need to learn – one of them is that this is a very public process – as Brad Pitt is learning. He just got shut down by a judge who sided with the soon to be ex – Angelina Jolie – in allowing the records and case files to remain public. She wants this to be as open and ugly as possible – it’s part of her team’s strategy to put pressure on him to settle and give her what she wants, at least that’s what I’m thinking she’s doing. I don’t represent anyone in this case, but I’ve seen this type of tactic used in many divorce and child custody cases. Private men like Brad Pitt, are often driven to give in when this tactic is used, but I hope that for his children sake and his own sake, that he doesn’t cave.

In speaking with I shared my thoughts, that I

“firmly believes there will be a rough road ahead for the Allied actor. He explained, “The [court] docs show that Angelina is trying to make this a public nightmare for Brad. That is Angelina’s strategy so that Brad will surrender to her demands which we know include sole, physical and legal custody and which may also include relocating the children to London. If Brad sees this as a long, expensive, public divorce, he may stop fighting.”

You can read the full article here.

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Book Cover for A Man's Guide to Divorce Strategy

A Man’s Guide To Divorce Strategy


Perhaps Brad Pitt should read my book because in the ongoing divorce and child custody battle between Superstars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the judge in the case has rejected Brad’s bid to protect the children and keep the case sealed. Brad wanted to keep the case private so that the children wouldn’t be exposed to the ugliness, which is sure to leak out to the press.

Angie had other ideas. She wants this as public and nasty as possible is all I can surmise – it’s a common tactic so that the other side wants to bring a close to the case quickly by giving her what she wants. It appears she wants to move to London and work for the United Nations, which is probably why she’s now claiming that man she spent a decade lauding for his fathering skills, is now a danger to his children. If she can prove that, she can get Sole Legal and Sole Physical custody – which makes her move to London a slam dunk.

I spoke to when the ruling came out, and it fell in line with my prediction, the case is to remain a publicly open case. quoted me:

However, the 52-year-old losing this battle is not surprising. “Divorces are public,” California Divorce Attorney, Dave Pisarra, tells EXCLUSIVELY. “If it was just a paternity action, it would automatically be private and confidential, but that is not the case here.”

Read the full article here.

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Another Father (Brad Pitt) Is Cleared in Child Abuse Case – Now What?



Brad Pitt Desperate to see his kids.

Brad Pitt Desperate to see his kids.

It’s a common story: Mom accuses Dad of being “abusive, negligent and violent” with the children – all to get a Domestic Violence Restraining Order or to start an investigation by the Department of Child and Family Services. Either of those means that Dad will be kept away from the kids while the investigation is ongoing. Mr. Brad Pitt, just found out the hard way the way this game is played. His wife, Angelina Jolie, pulled out ALMOST all the stops and accused him of being abusive with their teenage son, and that triggered an investigation and a “stay away” order that keeps Brad away from the kids. It’s a brilliant strategy, and very effective thanks to the courts and judges that are scared out of their minds of not protecting the “victims” – even if there aren’t any.

The wheels of justice, especially in family court, grind slow and painful, and that is in Mom’s favor, since she’s got the kids. In the Pitt/Jolie case, the six kids are with Angie, and Brad is probably beside himself with frustration, which is right where she wants him, he’ll sign anything to see his kids again if he’s like most fathers. I hope that he doesn’t sign anything that causes him long term problems, he needs to be careful with the traps that Angie is setting for him.  I know he’s got amazing lawyers working for him, but desperate fathers do stupid things.

When called me, I told them:

Brad Pitt Cleared Of Child Abuse: Will Angelina Jolie Still Keep Kids? — Lawyers Explain


“If Angie wants to make it difficult, if she wants to retain sole custody, she might be trying to drag this out so she can get what she wants,” says David. “It is in the dragging out part that Brad might lose patience and he may sign any bad deal that comes in front of him so that he can get back to having a relationship with his kids.” Hopefully that doesn’t happen and they both get a fair deal!

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Burning 100 dollar bills.

Burning 100 dollar bills.

Divorce and Child Custody battles are rarely cheap, usually they run in the 10s of thousands of dollars, but when you have two of the richest, most famous, celebrities in the world, fighting over SIX children, how much more could this cost?

I was asked by about the possible costs of the divorce and child custody battle between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I thought about the lawyers involved, they both have multiple lawyers on their teams, and they come at VERY EXPENSIVE hourly rates (Like over $800 an hour!!!) I took a look at the need for a child custody evaluation, and what that would mean in this case. Usually a Child Custody Evaluation is expensive, because the psychologist is interviewing both parents, their parents, the children, the teachers, the nannies, and anyone else that is considered “necessary.” Everyone gets put through some rigorous psychological testing and  then if any of it gets questioned, it all happens again.

Could Brad and Angelina spent over $5,000,000 ? I told that,

“The entire custody battle could easily cost Brad and Angie 5 to 10 million dollars in the next year,” David Pisarra, a California divorce attorney, tells HollywoodLife.comEXCLUSIVELY. “They will likely hire the best lawyers, have the best psychologists handling the children and due to the amount of children involved, this could go down as the most expensive custody battle ever.”

Read more here.

In a case like this, where they each have essentially unlimited funds to fight, and they both have strong reasons to see this to the end, I can see this divorce and child custody case dragging out for at least a year. That would be a shame, because the damage that is done to the children while they are being kept away from their father will have long term implications. Just because the parents relationship is no longer a romantic one, doesn’t mean that the children don’t continue to love each parent and have ongoing needs to see them.

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IN what is shaping up to be a Hollywood Epic Divorce, could be the standard Child Custody War Plan that too many lawyers in Family Court apply – the “he’s abusive and negligent claims” to Child Protective Services and/or the judge.

I lay out in this article for how it could all play out for Brad Pitt. The good news for him is that he has such enormous resources that almost any obstacle that is placed in front of him can be overcome with money. That’s also what’s bad for him, is Angelina Jolie has such enormous amounts of money and star power, and acting skills, that she can wage war convincingly, for a long time.


“Angelina’s likely next step will be to seek a 3-week temporary restraining order which can easily be granted by a judge based on Angelina’s declaration alone,” David told EXCLUSIVELY. “This would likely immediately take effect and put Brad on limited supervised visits [with the children] only. If there is no investigation launched by CPS then in 21 days a judge would hear the validity of the claims to determine custody and visitation until they finalize the divorce.”


He should check out my book:

A Man's Guide To Divorce Strategy book cover

Available on

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It’s the hottest divorce story in town this year – the breakup of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. 400 million dollars between them, six children and a storybook love affair turned sour.

Find out my thoughts on if they had a Premarital Agreement in this article I was in for

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: No Prenup in $400 Million Divorce — Lawyer Says


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Sperm Banking for Worry Free Sex

Published on 14 September 2016 by in blog

Sperm Banking for Worry Free Sex

I give my legal clients loads of advice – advice that is more “how to be happy” than it is legal sometimes. One of the many things I tell men is that to be free and happy and take control over their futures is to take control over their reproductive choices. That’s usually a woman’s topic, but the times they are a’ changing.

Today, men have options that previous generations didn’t in terms of their contraceptive choices and the actions that they can take to not only preserve their best genetic material, but also guard against an unwanted pregnancy from that weekend frolic with the woman you didn’t really get to know.

What I tell men is they should go to a sperm bank and freeze enough of their sperm to ensure as many opportunities to be a father as they want, and then they need to get a vasectomy and they can live the rest of their life  having worry-free sex without a concern of unintentionally becoming a father.

This week I’m doing research on Cryo Choice, a company that specializes in preserving sperm for men on a private basis so that they can preserve their opportunities for parenthood at the same time as making responsible decisions about their contraceptive choices. I’ll be speaking with a Cryo Choice representative about the process, the costs and the benefits on my Men’s Family Law podcast – which is why I’m doing research today.

If you’ve ever wondered about sperm banks, vasectomies and how to protect yourself and live a worry free life – the Sperm Bank episode and the Vasectomy episode will answer your questions.

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Chris Brown had a standoff this week with the Los Angeles Police Department. The drama continues in his never ending troubles with the law. 

What this means is that he’s giving his Baby Mama lots and lots of fodder to drag him back to court and stop his unsupervised custody and that means she’ll be coming after him for more money in the form of more child support. 

  • I spoke with and gave my opinion on the impact of his criminal cases on the family law case. 

Chris Brown Standoff leads to Custody Crisis.

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Can Taylor Swift Sue Kanye West or Kim Kardashian for Libel? Find out here

I was interviewed by on the burning issue of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian being guilty of libel or slander of Taylor Swift and if that means there’s a lawsuit in the works. It turns out that Kim Kardashian West had recorded the conversation with her husband Kanye West and Taylor Swift so there is now “proof” of what was actually said about whether or not she agreed to the Famous video and lyrics.

You can read my full take on it here. The biggest issue is going to be proving damages to Taylor Swift’s career or earning power since she’s a public figure.



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Will Louis Tomlinson Pay Briana Jungwirth OUTRAGEOUS CHILD SUPPORT?

So in the never ending world of child custody and child support battles, the demands can get outrageous. Case in Point – Briana Jungwirth, who plays baby-mama to Louis Tomlinson is looking for a bigger payday!

Louis is already paying for a Malibu Beach  Mansion for her, PLUS giving her Monthly Child Support, but is that enough? NOOOOOO – she wants more! It’s the cry of the North American Baby Mama – “I Can’t LIVE on THAT!” even wehn that is $15,000 a month WITH NO TAXES OWING! AND HER HOUSE PAYMENT IS PAID.



Sheesh – makes me want to have a kid with one of these guys……Anyways I explain it all here on

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