Listened to this episode of the Order of Man. Love it. Gotta get this guy on the podcast!

We all have money issues and our relationship to it. As a former finance guy Ryan has some great insights into how to help us become more balanced in our view of what moneys is, does and what it can do for us.

Ryan Michler is a no bs type of dude. If you are not aware of him, You should be.

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This movie explains the number of forms that are needed to for a divorce – there’s over 30 PAGES!!!  The courts are trying to make it easier to do your own divorce, but there are many, many forms, and they constantly are being updated, and if you get any ONE wrong the whole process can be delayed.


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Introductory video to the video series that will walk you through a California Divorce ( Marital Dissolution ) for couples that are married but do NOT have children or child custody issues to be decided. This course is broken up into manageable bites of short movies, by each form that is needed to start and complete a simple divorce.

I hope it helps you, and feel free to email me at or call my office at 310.664.9969 if you have questions.



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Child Support System Needs an Overhaul

Published on 27 March 2019 by in blog

This opinion piece in The Los Angeles Times addresses the needs of families who are trapped in the child support system.

When one parent (usually the mother) signs up for welfare, Medi-Cal, or other public benefits the state comes after the father for repayment. Which seems fair assuming that the father has the means to be supporting his child but isn’t.

In those cases where the father is living at or just above the poverty level, ( which is where many of these fathers are – look at who they’re dating and fathering kids with!) it’s an injustice to give support to mom and the kids and not support the father. Instead he is tarred and feathered as a “deadbeat dad.” Meanwhile the mom who is just as economically depressed as he is, is put on a pedestal.

Seems like both reactions are out of proportion to the reality of the situation.

Read it here.

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Men need to have better control over their reproductive choices if they want to reduce their exposure to child support and parental responsibility. The “accidental” pregnancy that can happen with a partner who is “on the pill” and “accidentally” forgets to take it or when “it’s not 100%” will have lifetime implication for the man.

That’s why I advocate the vasectomy which is usually reversible these dYs bit also suggest a man should bank some sperm.

But if there was a better way I imagine it would be used more and ideas like an injectible, reversible gel seem like a great step forward.

Read more about it here.

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In this video family law lawyer David Pisarra explains what is an assault, in both criminal and family law cases. As a divorce lawyer he defends men in court when they are accused of assault, and also helps when they are victims of assault from their partners and spouses.


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In this episode David Pisarra tells the tale of a case of the Lyin’ Diva, and how he proved she was committing perjury which led to a termination of his client’s having to pay alimony to her.

He goes over the California Family Code Section 4320 factors that used by courts to determine what spousal support should be, for how long and how to end it.

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Autism is a difficult topic for people to understand. In the world of divorce, paternity and child custody cases it adds a huge amount of complexity to the fights over parenting plans, school choices and medical decision making known as Legal Custody.

I’ve found a FREE online course that is FOUR weeks and only 3 hours a week that explains what autism is as a spectrum disorder. I’ve taken classs from the Universoty of Kent myself and recommend the FutureLearn program.

You can learn more and sign up here

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Brad Pitt Is Cleared Of Child Abuse Claims – Can He See His Kids?



Department of Child and Family Services Department of Child and Family Services

Now that the Department of Child and Family Services has decided that Brad Pitt is not a danger to his children (Is anyone shocked?) the question is can he now see his kids without a supervisor – yes, except for that stipulation he signed with Angelina Jolie. If it says he has to keep having a monitor or supervisor or therapist, it could be a problem. I haven’t seen what they signed, it’s not public, yet!

I’m hoping that his lawyers covered him so that once he’s been cleared he can have contact again without the stress of a supervisor. They are very important in those cases where the parents are a danger, but in a case like, where the “danger” was suggested more for a strategy than for a real concern, I’d want them out of the picture ASAP.

Here’s what I told about my take on the matter:

“Now that Brad Pitthas been cleared of child abuse, he legally should be able to see the kids without a monitor. However, if he signed a stipulation with Angelina that requires him to have supervised visits, then so long as that stipulation is in place he will have to have a monitor. I would think that his lawyers protected him, so that once the DCFS case is closed he doesn’t need a monitor,” Family lawyer David Pisarra tells

You can read more here.

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This video covers the legal concept of what a Battery is and why it matters in a divorce, child custody or domestic violence restraining order case. Domestic Violence is a huge issue in family law cases like divorce or child custody. It can have a devastating effect on parenting rights, spousal support payments and even civil liability to your spouse.


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