How Could Tyga Sell a Sex Tape He Made with Kylie Jenner?

We all know the way the Kardashian empire got started, thanks to Kim’s sex tape, could her little sister Kylie expand the empire with her own sex tape? Probably. Does she want to though?

I was interviewed by on this topic and in the article I said:

“Tyga would need written consent from Kylie before he can release a sex tape of the two of them,” David explained EXCLUSIVELY to “Any sex tape released without Kylie’s consent would possibly fall under California’s new revenge porn law which prevents exes from releasing private material after relationships end.”

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photo of tyga and kylie jenner

tyga kylie jenner

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It’s a dream for some men, to be a father that becomes a nightmare when the woman they choose becomes their nemesis – but some men are opting out of having a mother for their children. Here’s how they’re doing it – on this episode of the Men’s Family Law podcast.

We talk with Julia Van Reeven, an embryologist, about fertility treatments, what’s possible in this new world of biotech, and the sad case of Dr. Mimi Lee, who had embryos with her ex-husband, that now have to be destroyed because of their divorce.


The podcast episode is here:

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What I have to say about Kesha V Dr. Luke: She’s Stuck With Her Sony Contract, Even If She Proves He Raped Her

No one supports rape or rapists, but is the allegation enough to get out of a contract? Nope. I chime in on the Kesha vs. Dr. Luke controversy in this article for where I don’t take sides. No one but Kesha and Dr. Luke really know what happened in their relationship. Could Kesha just want out of a bad contract and be trying to get out by saying he raped her – sure she could be, seems a bit extreme though. Did Dr. Luke really rape her? maybe, or did they have sex and now she regrets it? No one knows but her and him.

It’s the problem in sexual assault cases, and rape allegations – usually there’s no witnesses and no outside evidence. That’s why I said the following in this article:

“Kesha doesn’t have any legal grounds to get out of her contract and that is one of the reasons why the court ruled the way they did,” California Attorney David Pisarra tells HollywoodLife.comEXCLUSIVELY. “If Kesha complains that she is afraid to be in the room with Dr. Luke, then she should hire a bodyguard, and never be alone with the guy — it’s really simple.”

Photo of Kesha in an American flag.

Kesha wraps herself in the American flag.

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Tyga Ready To Fight Blac Chyna for Child Custody Of King Cairo After Drug Arrest

Child Custody is always a hotly contested topic, especially when there’s allegations of drug use or abuse by one of the parents; Tyga might be going after Blac Chyna for Child Custody since her arrest for drug possession. It might effect her ability to keep custody of King Cairo, but I chime in here for about my thoughts on how drug use, abuse and being arrested will play out in front of the family court judge.

So, does Tyga stand a chance at taking full custody of King Cairo from Blac Chyna? The answer is, simply, yes, according to David Pisarra, a Father Rights Activist, and Men’s Family Lawyer., who told EXCLUSIVELY, “Tyga could take Blac to court and use the argument that Blac is a negligent mother and that their child is in danger. A judge could rule in his favor and Tyga could gain custody.”

How? Well, as David explained to us, “Blac Chyna could be a negligent mother if, by her own admission, she really did not know there were drugs in her bag. If she did not know where there are drugs in her house when her assistant packed her bags then how can she say for sure that her child could not find drugs and use them? Tyga could try to use the charge to bootstrap himself and claim that Blac is a drug addict and a negligent parent. If she can’t keep track of drugs, how can she be a capable parent?” Ouch.

Photo of Tyga, Blac Chyna and King Cairo in happier times.

Tyga, Blac Chyna and King Cairo in happier times.

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Here’s the CDC Report on Intimate Partner Violence that supports the statements I make about how prevalent female on male abuse is.


National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey

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How To Be A Great Dad – Tip # 1 – Do This!

Published on 05 March 2014 by in blog

How To Be A Great Dad – Tip # 1 – Do This!

If you’re sharing custody of a child, it’s a brutally hard thing to do. If you’ve had to fight for your rights to see your son or daughter, the battles can be long and frustrating. But here’s an activity you can do, that will keep you involved and let your child know that you were always there, and always loved them.

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Men’s Family Law – Nationally recognized Father’s Rights expert David Pisarra discusses substance abuse and how it will effect a child custody case, how hard it is to prove and what you can do to protect yourself. If you have an alcoholic or a drug addict in your life that  you share custody of a child with, you need to listen to this podcast episode.

In Segment 2 Dan Reynolds from is interviewed discussing how his website reviews rehabs and what makes a good one.

Next week Attorney/Private Judge James Reape is interviewed on ways to save money in a divorce or child custody case.


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You’re faced with LOSING your kids.  You’re SCARED and  don’t know what to do.  You don’t know how to PROTECT YOURSELF.



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Child Custody Craziness – Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston battle continues

Those crazy  kids are at it again. The allegations are that Bristol wont allow visits with Levi. She says Levi NEVER sees the baby, that’s why she wont make the child available. Did you follow that logic (if it’s logic?!)   Here’s another perfect example of the types of Child Custody arguments we hear on a regular basis.






The other variation we see on this when we go to court on a child custody case  is the circular reasoning (?) of:

Dad asks for more time to see the child, moms says:

“No, He’s a bad dad.”

“Why is he a bad dad?”

“Because he never sees the child.”

“D’OH ! ”


My Brain Hurts.

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President Barack Obama speaks out about the importance of Fathers in a child’s life

President Barack Obama speaks on the importance of fathers in a child’s life, and the effect of NOT having a father in a child’s. The rate of illiteracy, and crime that are increased by the absence of a father.

When it comes to who teaches boys to be men, it is my belief that MEN teach boys, to be MEN. It is by frequent and constant interaction and demonstration that a man learns how a good man responds to the world and its challenges. We learn by observation, example and interaction. Fathers matter.

President Obama speaks out about the importance of fathers in a child’s life.


President Obama

President Obama

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