Los Angeles family law attorney David Pisarra reviews the book, “A Family’s Heartbreak” by Mike Jeffries.


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Today’s show is about suicide and suicide prevention tactics for men going through a divorce. It’s the 10th leading cause of death in America, Men are 3.5 times more likely to die by suicide than women. White males were 70% of the suicides in 2014. Worst of all, it is preventable. We can help each other, and that’s why I’m taking on this topic today.

Here’s a list of hotlines if you’re in crisis and are considering suicide or have developed a suicide plan.

www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org – Call 24/7 1-800-273-8255

www.veteranscrisisline.net Veterans Crisis Line – 800-273-8255 Press 1

www.afsp.org – American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

My guest today is Michael Volpe, his book Bullied to Death: Chris Mackney’s Kafkaesque Divorce puts forth the story of how the abuse of the legal process created a divorce nightmare by a vengeful ex-wife, a remorseless father-in-law and lawyers, psychologists and judges drove one man to kill himself. His book is available here at Amazon:


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This episode has David speaking with Dr. Debra Warner about the SCRIPT (Summit on Community Resilience, Intervention, Prevention, and Training) Conference – Stopping the Stigma of Male Sexual Trauma. For men who have been sexual abused as adults or as children, oftentimes they don’t confront the trauma of their abuse, and that can lead to them being revictimized and victims of domestic violence, further trauma and until it’s resolved the problems will continue.

TO address the issues specifically faced by men who have been sexually, emotionally or psychologically abused, whether it is sexual harassment, child abuse or emotional neglect, the SCRIPT conference was formed for your issues. It’s a free conference and open to the public, to learn more just listen to the podcast!

www.thescriptconference.com – The Script Conference Website.

www.NAASCA.ORG – The National Association of of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse.

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You can’t play football by the rules of baseball, and you can’t play the game of Child Custody in Family Court if you don’t know the rules – today I share with you three keys to better results in child custody battles. For fathers who are fighting to keep or increase their custodial time, there are things you need to know that will make all the difference for you – this episode of the Men’s Family Law podcast covers the basics.

book_child-custody_thumbI also interview Dr. Eric Frazer from Child Custody Analytics on tools he’s developed to help lawyers and their clients be more successful in court.


Also heres’ a video about his company Child Custody Analytics:


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MFL#041 Hot For Teacher ? | Chris Anderson of MaleSurvivor.org

This episode of the Men’s Family Law podcast has Christopher Anderson of MaleSurvivor.org discussing with David Pisarra the short term effects and long term effects of sexual abuse on boys and how it manifests when they are adults. When men are silenced by a society that doesn’t let them share their emotions, they internalize them and that leads to drug addiction, alcohol abuse and sex addiction, failed relationships and life problems.

It’s odd how many men think it would “cool” if they had a teacher that molested them when they were kids, but wouldn’t want it for their sons or daughters because they know it is wrong. I think we need to have more discussions about this topic to raise awareness and root out those teachers who are abusing boys and young men.

Here’s information for parents when their boys are abused: http://www.malesurvivor.org/parents/

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Photo by Flickr – Eduardo Filho



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It’s a dream for some men, to be a father that becomes a nightmare when the woman they choose becomes their nemesis – but some men are opting out of having a mother for their children. Here’s how they’re doing it – on this episode of the Men’s Family Law podcast.

We talk with Julia Van Reeven, an embryologist, about fertility treatments, what’s possible in this new world of biotech, and the sad case of Dr. Mimi Lee, who had embryos with her ex-husband, that now have to be destroyed because of their divorce.


The podcast episode is here:

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Men’s Family Law – Nationally recognized Father’s Rights expert David Pisarra discusses substance abuse and how it will effect a child custody case, how hard it is to prove and what you can do to protect yourself. If you have an alcoholic or a drug addict in your life that  you share custody of a child with, you need to listen to this podcast episode.

In Segment 2 Dan Reynolds from BookYourCare.com is interviewed discussing how his website reviews rehabs and what makes a good one.

Next week Attorney/Private Judge James Reape is interviewed on ways to save money in a divorce or child custody case.


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Men’s Family Law – Nationally recognized Father’s Rights expert David Pisarra explains what an Ex Parte Hearing is, how you get one, and why they usually are denied.

Summer is almost here, and if you want a summer vacation with you child, start planning now for that summer visitation schedule.

Child Support Arrearages are covered in the Mail Sack and next week the topic is Parental Alienation.


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In this week’s podcast I address the issue of whether the payor parent can make the receiving parent account for the child support that is paid. Also what to do when mom decides to move out of the state with the kids and you don’t approve?

Parental alienation is explained and a review of the book A Family’s Heartbreak by Michael Jeffries which is his personal account of being alienated from his kids. Parental alienation is often caused by one party having a personality disorder like Borderline or Narcissistic. The long term effects on the children are highly traumatic at being alienated from one parent.


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Men’s Family Law – Nationally recognized Father’s Rights expert David Pisarra explains the three most important things fathers need to know about Child Custody and the strategy of getting the most time with their child.

Proximity – What does this mean and why is it important?

Paperwork – Here’s a strategy to help you protect your parenting time.

Persistence – How to stick it out


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