Ask any parent with a difficult ex and the truth is that being controlling about Parenting Time and visitations is just not taken seriously by the police, the district attorney, or the courts without you digging in and demanding it. Get behind in your child support and the full weight of the government is on you in a flash.

When your ex refuses to honor the court order, the police will likely not do anything beyond ask them to let the children go as they’ll have a reason why not to. If there is the slightest wiggle room in the order the police will work their way out of becoming involved.

When the ex refuses to exchange the children you have to go file a report with the local police. They’ll only give you an incident number. Keep doing it. This painful annoying and frustrating process has to happen many MANY MANY times before it’s worth your time to go to court for an order to either change the physical custody or make other arrangements like school pickups.

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