Child Support System Needs an Overhaul

Published on 27 March 2019 by in blog

This opinion piece in The Los Angeles Times addresses the needs of families who are trapped in the child support system.

When one parent (usually the mother) signs up for welfare, Medi-Cal, or other public benefits the state comes after the father for repayment. Which seems fair assuming that the father has the means to be supporting his child but isn’t.

In those cases where the father is living at or just above the poverty level, ( which is where many of these fathers are – look at who they’re dating and fathering kids with!) it’s an injustice to give support to mom and the kids and not support the father. Instead he is tarred and feathered as a “deadbeat dad.” Meanwhile the mom who is just as economically depressed as he is, is put on a pedestal.

Seems like both reactions are out of proportion to the reality of the situation.

Read it here.

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