How much does a divorce cost?

Published on 13 April 2019 by in blog

I answer this question, probably on average, daily.

The cost of a divorce or a paternity case or a child custody matter is always hard to answer because there are so many factors involved. It’s like saying how much to build a house? Is it a 700 square foot tiny house? Or a 35,000 square foot mansion on a mountaintop?

In Jessie Williams divorce his ex is taking him to the mountaintop! His attorneys are $700 an hour which means hers are as well. Plus there’s the accountants to figure out how much money he really has. They’re making between $200-500 an hour as well.

Mr Williams has to pay for all of it probably since he makes over $500,000 a month on the show Greys Anatomy plus residuals.

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