How Do I Estimate My Child Support? Los Angeles Child Custody Lawyer David Pisarra explains. When it comes to estimating a child support award there are three main factors, child custody and the incomes of the parents.



Hey are you trying to figure out what your child support is going to be?Let me give you some insight. My name is David Pisarra from The way in which child support is figured is three big factors. Your income, your ex’s income and how much time you spend with the child. Traditionally most men get every other weekend and a Wednesday night pizza dinner. It’s not right, it’s not wrong, but it is what is.

That works out to approximately 20% custodial time with your kids. Most men are not happy with that but it’s what we’re stuck with. If we take a look at that as sort of a base line number.Next up is her income. She’s probably going to try not to show a lot of income and keep it low. She’s probably going to be underemployed. Probably going to say she can’t get a real job. Probably going to say that she’s gotta raise the kids she can only work part time. Well that may or may not be true, depends on how old the children are, and how close they are to school and how close you are to school. The other big factor is your income. Now your income is probably gonna be the big number that we’re going to look at. For the most part if you’re a salaried employee we’re just kinda stuck with it. So, Take whatever your income is, figure with a 20% custodial share, which is every other weekend and a Wednesday night pizza dinner, you’re gonna be looking at about 25% of your GROSS paycheck is going to be your child support. That’s not including alimony. That’s not including a second child. If you’ve a second child that number is going to go up. Maybe it’s going to be 30% of your gross income.The way we try to bring those numbers back down is we try to get you more custodial time because the more time you have with your child, the lower you’re child support is going to be. That means that if we can get you a week on/week off 50%/50% your child support is going to drop to maybe 15% of what your gross income is going to be. But that also means that mom’s now got a greater availability to go find a job as her income comes up, your child support will go down. So these are all the variables that we play with. The general rule is that you’re going to get every other weekend, figure 25% of your gross paycheck is going to be your child support and with those kinda numbers thats sorta like a rule of thumb for you to make some estimates on what your child support is going to be. I hope that helped you if you’ve got other questions, please feel free to call me or check us out on the web at I answer questions all the time and remember a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake will get you through just about everything. Take Care


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