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If you're an AIRLINE EMPLOYEE  who has been Laid Off, Furloughed, had your hours cut, or possibly had your position eliminated, NOW is the time to file a request with the courts to re-evaluate your legal obligations to pay Alimony/Spousal Support and/or Child Support.

You've kept us safe for decades, now it's our chance to return the favor. 

The Airline Employee Protection Program is a low-cost document preparation and review of your Request to Modify your Alimony/Spousal Support and/or Child Support Orders. This is NOT for modification of Child Custody or Modification - that's a MUCH BIGGER issue, we're happy to talk with you about it, but that is NOT covered in this program. 

These are unprecedented times and while we all want to get back to "normal" quickly, that may not happen. The airline industry is facing a catastrophic downturn due to COVID19 and we want to help you confront the crisis head on. 

What the Airline Employee Protection Program does for you: 

  • We'll prepare the FL300 - the Request To Modify your support obligations, this includes the FL157 Declaration for Spousal Support if needed.

  • Provide you with a template to write your declaration - that's the statement you make to the judge in writing about why you need to re-evaluate your support obligations.

  • We review your FL150 - the Income and Expense Declaration to make sure that it complies with the needs of the courts.

  • You get our "How to Present Yourself To the Court" guide.

The investment is only $297.

To take control of your future today, just fill out the Contact Form below.

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