Child Support & Visits

Greg B.

We represented this man against an ex-wife who wanted to prevent him from seeing his son, so that she could receive an increased Child Support award. We were victorious in not only keeping his support low, but in increasing his visitation with his son through the crucial pre-teen years.

Successfully increased visitation with child.

District Attorney Collection Abuse

Curtis M.

Here we represented our client against the District Attorneys office for a back child support collection matter in which he had fully paid all of his support, but the DA’s office continued to collect surplus funds that the ex was no longer entitled to.

Successfully proved child support was paid in full.

Parental Alienation / Child Abuse

John B.

For this father, we had to fight to prove that the mother was not only an unfit mother, but that she was physically abusing their daughters, and engaging in extensive parental alienation and emotional abuse of the children. It took a lot of work, but we were able, after several hearings (Orders to Show Cause – “OSCs”) to make the judge see that the father had the more stable, loving and attentive environment for the children to be living in.

Successfully won custody for the father.

Sexual Abuse Allegations Against The Father

Doug G.

For this super devoted dad, we had to fight to prove that the mothers multiple allegations of sexual molestation were false. By agreeing to a full psychological evaluation (Family Code §730) we were able to provide the court with an outside, independent, and unbiased opinion of the father’s fitness. The court agreed, and stated that if Mom decided to “move away” from the state of California, the child’s primary custody would transfer to Dad. This was a major win for this devoted dad who loves his child, and his little girl, who gets to keep her daddy.

Successfully proved abuse allegations were false.

International Child Custody Dispute (The Hague Convention)

Henry W.

For this father, who was a primary caregiver the majority of his young daughter’s life, we continued to demonstrate to the court that the mother was not only an unfit mother, due to her chemical dependency issues, but as she was living in another country, could not provide for regular and ongoing visitation.

In this case, Mom had abducted the child twice, and had a history of border jumping, to avoid letting Dad have visitation. After a period of abandonment by Mom, she decided she wanted to be a loving mother. It had been six years since she had seen her child, so the court provided a reunification program before allowing Mom to see her child. We fought this case under the Hague Convention and UCCJEA rules for child custody. We were able to place enough speed bumps on Mom that no damage was done to the child’s emotional well-being. International custody cases are very difficult and expensive. They can also be some of the most heartbreaking, if there are two good parents.

Successfully won custody for the father.

Child Abandoned By Mother

Raul C.

Representing the father, who had full custody of his son after his mom abandoned him. We protected his rights and secured a custody plan that allowed his son the stable and secure home life that he enjoyed with his father. Mom was allowed only a visitation schedule.

Successfully secured continued custody for the father.

Child Support Modification

John W.

A short term relationship became a 19 year drama for this man who fathered children with a woman who was using the children to extract support. We held the line on keeping the support amounts low and in line with what the children really needed.

Maintained reasonable support payments for the father.

Paternity Defense

John Q.

This alleged father came to us after he was served with paperwork demanding that he start paying child support. He claimed that the kids weren’t his, so we defended. The initial DNA tests results showed it was not his kid.

Successfully proved client was not the father.

Driver’s License Release

Frank S.

Dad had fallen behind on his child support payments, so the Department of Motor Vehicles, at the request of the Department of Child Support Services, suspended his driving privileges. This prevented him from working so that he could make the money, to pay his child support. We appeared in court and were able to work out a release of the Driver’s License and a reasonable payment plan that allowed Dad to get back on track.

Restored driver's license and renegotiated child support payments.

Abuse By District Attorney

Cal P.

Another case of loving father who fell behind in his child support payments. His records were not clean and orderly and we had to do a full accounting going back years to find that he had actually overpaid. It was a long battle with the District Attorney, Child Support Services, and a vindictive, greedy mom, but we won.

Successfully renegotiated child support payments

Overreaching by District Attorney

Keith A.

In yet another horror story about the District Attorney’s Office and the Child Support Services incompetence, this Dad, who made all of his child support payments, had his tax refunds, and his bank accounts taken by child support authorities when they “mistakenly” erased the record of all of his payments. They took $25,000 of his money, not once, but TWICE, because of their errors. It took many hearings and full accountings, but we were able to get all the money returned and the matter cleared up.

Successfully won full financial restitution for father.

Spousal Support For Him

John D.

Against this high income earning wife we were able to recover a sizable spousal support agreement for our client. This was what we call a ‘Mani-mony’ case. The ex-wife had to pay spousal support. It took some effort, and some hard nosed tactics, but we were able to negotiate a very high spousal award.

Negotiated a high spousal award for the husband.