From the falsely accused to the man who is being regularly attacked by his wife or girlfriend, the protections of the domestic violence laws are available to him, if he knows how to use them. Using plain language, and simple examples, this book demonstrates how a man can protect himself in a volatile situation.

The use of a domestic violence restraining order in child custody cases has skyrocketed lately, mostly due to changes in the laws and the effects that a restraining order has on what is the Best Interests of a Child. The playing field of child custody has been dramatically altered and men need to know how to play by the new rules – this book explains it all.

Men are the victims in domestic violence cases approximately 40% of the time, but they go to jail approximately 90% of the time, because they don’t know how to protect themselves. With over a decade of experience fighting for the rights of men, and seeing how the courts are biased in favor of those who lie, this book explains the difference in, and how to get: Emergency Orders, Temporary Restraining Order and Permanent Orders.

It addresses the issues of Criminal Domestic Violence cases, and more commonly, the civil side of what a Domestic Violence Restraining Order will do to a man’s relationship with his children.

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