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Alimony Laws are Changing

If you’re paying Spousal Support, sometimes called Alimony, or if you’re in the pre-Divorce stage and planning your divorce, take a look at moving to Florida. There’s a bill in the legislature to limit how long you pay alimony for.

It’s welcome relief for some men, if it passes, and hopefully this trend will continue nationwide as more states are revisiting the realities of family life today. Most couples are two income these days, and as this article states:

Even those who don’t support the pending legislation would likely agree that for most divorces, both spouses who are educated should have a responsibility to work. Long gone are the days where only one spouse provides the financial support for the family while the other stays at home to raise the children.

For my clients in Los Angeles County, Ventura County and Orange County, when I’ve tried to reduce Spousal Support it is usually a matter of a long term war, where we have to employ private investigators, court orders for vocational testing and finding leverage on the supported spouse.

I’ve had success in getting both courts to lower spousal support and ex-spouses to realize that the gravy train of alimony is stopping. Paying spousal support to an ex for a lifetime may be coming to an end, at least in some cases and states.