Am I Crazy? - No, just dealing with a narcissistic personality

If you feel crazy, unsure of yourself, are questioning your own abilities to know what’s true, you may be involved with a person who has a narcissistic personality disorder. In divorce cases with these types of people the process is very difficult as they change what they say and believe to fit their needs at every moment. In child custody cases, they are frequently trying to enmesh the child to their way of thinking and alienating the other parent.

Narcissists feel entitled and are “always right” and you can’t win an argument with them because they will change what they are saying to “win”.

Check out this video for an example of what a narcissistic personality is like. If it sounds familiar, you need to call us. We’ve dealt with this person a lot, and you need an experienced family law attorney to protect your rights and those of your children.

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