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Analyze the Alienating Parent

Parents who are engaging in alienating behavior in a child custody case, who want to secure sole legal custody and sole physical custody of their children generally fall into four main categories:

The Intrusive Parent – they fear loss of control over the child so they attempt to dictate all aspects of the interactions with the Targeted Parent. The demand adherence to a set of arbitrary rules and activities for the aligned child that have little basis in reality. They are trying to control the visitation and parenting time of the target parent to demonstrate to the aligned child that the target parent is not a good parent.

The Histrionic Personality – This person usually uses their looks and seductiveness to control others adn to seek validation of their worth, even though they have a very low self-esteem -which is why they need to have all the love of the alienated child to the exclusion of the targeted parent.

The Narcissistic Personality – It’s all about them, all the time. They get their validation from total devotion of the child, and will do all they can to destroy the love of the targeted parent.

The Borderline Personality – This personality see-saws from “you’re the best thing in the world” to “You’re the most evil, corrupt, incompetent, abusive, negligent parent ever.”

Each problem personality must be dealt with in a different fashion and have different remedies and checks and balances put into service to contain the damage.