Analyze the Battlefield of Parental Alienation for Weaknesses

For the targeted parent in a child custody battle, there is a large amount of confusion as to what is really going on, and what can be done. When a client comes to my office in Santa Monica, we begin by surveying the battlefield.

We identify the alienating parent’s behavior to date so that we can begin to clear the mud.

We have to identify the financial, emotional and familial resources at our disposal as we develop a litigation strategy to bring the child back from the alienated place they are in, to a loving relationship with the targeted parent.

As we look at the alienation we determine the weaknesses and openings in the arguments that the alienating parent has put forth, and we plan a response that will be credible to the Superior Court of Los Angeles, or whatever county we are in, from Ventura County to Orange County or San Diego County.

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