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Best age to get Married To Reduce Chance of A Divorce.

Studies from an independent divorce and family law firm show that there is a time in your life that it statistically better to get married so that you have the least chance of facing a divorce. The thinkin gos hat you want to be mature enough to recognize a good spouse partner and not so set in your ways that you can’t adapt to the rigors of a new relationship.

From my perpetual robe of seeing hundreds of divorces over the years. The biggest issue is unrealistic expectations by either or both parties. Maybe there’s an age to help this but in general I think it’s more about education and maturity, but MOSTLY it’s about communication and having conversations prior to, and the man DURING the marriage to adapt and compromise.

Divorce is more of a symptom than a cause and the cause is more out of lack of communication and concern in most cases. The cheating spouse is usually doing so for a reason. The shutdown spouse is doing so for a reason. The frigid spouse is doing so for a reason.

If people talked more. Honestly and openly, the divorce rate would not be 70% of first marriages. It’s a lesson that they learn and then practice on their second and third marriages which have a 50% and 40 % chance of ending in divorce.

But check out this article from on divorce rates and see when the prime time to marry is to reduce the divorce risk.