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Brad Pitt Is Cleared Of Child Abuse Claims - Can He See His Kids?

County of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services Sign

Department of Child and Family Services

Now that the Department of Child and Family Services has decided that Brad Pitt is not a danger to his children (Is anyone shocked?) the question is can he now see his kids without a supervisor – yes, except for that stipulation he signed with Angelina Jolie. If it says he has to keep having a monitor or supervisor or therapist, it could be a problem. I haven’t seen what they signed, it’s not public, yet!

I’m hoping that his lawyers covered him so that once he’s been cleared he can have contact again without the stress of a supervisor. They are very important in those cases where the parents are a danger, but in a case like, where the “danger” was suggested more for a strategy than for a real concern, I’d want them out of the picture ASAP.

Here’s what I told about my take on the matter:

“Now that Brad Pitt has been cleared of child abuse, he legally should be able to see the kids without a monitor. However, if he signed a stipulation with Angelina that requires him to have supervised visits, then so long as that stipulation is in place he will have to have a monitor. I would think that his lawyers protected him, so that once the DCFS case is closed he doesn’t need a monitor,” Family lawyer David Pisarra tells

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