Child Custody Attorneys in Los Angeles Fight Move-Away Request

Pisarra & Grist is a law firm in Los Angeles County that represents parents in child custody cases where one parent is trying to move-away to another state or country. We have represented parents in many child custody battles. Whether the fight involved moving a child from Downey to Kansas, or from Santa Monica to Portugal, we have fought in the Los Angeles Superior Courts for our clients rights.

Move-Away cases are tremendously difficult for the left-behind parent, because the courts give so much power to the primary custodial parent to relocate as they wish, the left-behind parent needs to fight to make sure they have enough parenting time (visitation) with their child, either through video chat, vacation make up times or other measures to ensure that the parent-child relationship remains strong.

We recently represented a father who relocated from a South Asian country and because of the facts we were able to secure him primary physical custody of his daughter, which means she will be growing up and educated in California.

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