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Child Custody Evaluations and Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation cases in Los Angeles County generally require that a Child Custody Evaluation be ordered by the court. A child custody evaluation can be ordered by the Los Angeles Superior Court ( or whatever court you are in) to be paid for at county expense, or at the parties expense. As budget cuts throughout the state of California such as Ventura County, Los Angeles County or Orange County, have made county paid Child Custody Evaluations harder to come by, more judges are ordering private pays.

In parental Alienation cases, the alienating parent will usually be shown to be a narcissistic personality or a borderline personality, when a good evaluator determines that there is a personality disorder involved they will make recommendations based on the severity of the disorder and on ways to reunify the targeted parent and child.

Child Custody Evaluations in Parental Alienation cases should be approached carefully, and the targeted parent should be aware of what is required, the costs, and how to best approach the process. As family law attorneys who have handled many Parental Alienation cases, we can advise you as experienced lawyers, based on the circumstances, how to handle yourself and the alienating parent. We have represented child custody and divorce clients from San Diego to the Oregon border. Primarily we practice in Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and Orange County.