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Child Custody – The Big Lie Women Tell

David Pisarra Feb. 6, 2011

When it comes to child custody battles, there are certain events that are almost destined to happen, one of them is the big lie that mothers like to tell about the fathers. They say that they are afraid for the baby’s safety when dad has sole parenting time. To gain an advantage, a woman will say that she has “grave concerns” or “afraid for my baby” when the father takes the child for a night.

Halle Berry is saying that she has concerns about her child with Gabriel Aubry – I don’t know if they are real or not. I wrote about the whole topic of child custody for Here’s a bit of it for your review:

But a woman learns from her friends that if she lies to the court she’ll get what she wants, there will be no penalty and she can justify it to herself and her friends as, “I had to do it to protect my babies.” That’s the great cover up. It’s the mother of all lies. It’s the lie that allows all the other lies to happen guilt free.

Courts regularly believe the women, and then order that dad has to have “supervised visitation” – which means he must pay for a monitor to watch him as he plays with his child. It’s demoralizing, humiliating, demeaning and in most cases completely unnecessary. Dads who were fine fathers for years, are subject to this character assasination all the time.

We have to fight it, to get our clients the rights they deserve. These become nasty, knock-down, drag out fights. And in the end, most men didn’t need the supervised visitation – it was just part of the strategy that women will use to wear him down. It’s why my books, A MAN’S GUIDE TO CHILD CUSTODY and A MAN’S GUIDE TO DIVORCE STRATEGY are so vital for men to read.

Men need more information and education about divorce and child custody – I hope to help with them with it.