Child Custody Wars – Games People Play

As parents transition from co-habitation to co-parenting, there are certain issues in child custody battles which come up with great regularity. Whether there is an international child custody battle going on, or the parties are in differing states, or just different parts of the same city, having to share a child is a difficult thing to do.

Frequently what we see as a major point of friction is how the children’s property, their clothing, books and toys, are used as ways to get back at the other parent. For example, dad will buy clothes for the child, which then go to Mom’s house, and are never returned to Dad’s house, so when the child is with him, he has to buy more clothes. It’s a way that some parents use to continue to annoy the other parent.

The sad part is that the child is being put in the middle of a fight between their own parents, and for a child that can be devastating if they feel that they have to pick sides.

This is why we put in our parenting plans, language that deals with the Child’s property.

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