The Degrees of Parental Alienation

Like most things in life, there is a spectrum of Parental Alienation, there is the mild parental alienation that occurs when a couple divorces and each parent is overly critical in front of the children of the other parent. This is usually a short lived practice.

Moderate Parental Alienation involves a pattern of continued harassment and interference with the other parents custodial time and visitation with the child or children.

Severe Parental Alienation is a sustained war on the other parent’s relationship with the child.

We have fought child custody cases that involved different degrees of Parental Alienation in the courts of Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Orange and San Diego Counties.

We use a variety of tools to put a stop to the alienating behavior of the offending parent and to reunify the targeted parent with their child so that child custody can be returned to a normal relationship.

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