Domestic Violence Prevention Act in Los Angeles

Throughout Los Angeles County, in all the Superior Court Civil buildings there are resources to assist people in the filling out of Domestic Violence Prevention Act restraining orders.

Each civil courthouse has a designated Department that will review the application for a temporary restraining order to be issued pursuant to Family Code Section 6200, which grants courts the power to remove individuals from their homes if they have committed domestic battery, domestic violence, domestic abuse, spousal battery, spousal abuse, intimate partner abuse and/or child abuse or child endangerment.

Under the Domestic Violence Prevention Act, a judicial officer, whether a judge, a commissioner or a commissioner pro tem, may issue a temporary restraining order that prevents the restrained person from being near the protected person. This protection includes children and animals and results in parents, both fathers and mothers, being separated from their children for up to 21 days on the allegations of the complaining party.

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