False Accusations of Child Molesting

This is the ugliest, meanest, cruelest most heinous thing that people do in a divorce or child custody and visitation battle – they accuse the other parent of child molesting.

Usually it is mothers who are accusing the fathers of molesting their own children in some way. It can be as simple as ‘inappropriate touching’ to actual penetration. The allegations usually are made as part of an application for a Domestic Violence Prevention Act Temporary Restraining Order, but sometimes they are made through the local Department of Child and Family Services.

In NO cases are these to be ignored or taken lightly. Judges in courts throughout Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Orange County and Santa Barbara County, and the other 54 counties of California all react quickly to protect a child who is alleged to be abused.

The sad part is that these allegations are being made more commonly in divorce and child custody and visitation battles when the parties involved know that nothing has happened. It is the nuclear option in a divorce or child custody case.

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