Falsely Accused of Child Sexual Abuse?

For the father who is falsely accused of child sexual abuse there is perhaps only one other gut punch that can be thrown at him.

Fathers who have been accused by vindictive mothers alleging he ‘digitally penetrated’ their child or she thinks he may be ‘digitally penetrating’ their child have been attacked on a level that is akin to global thermonuclear war. An innocent man who is facing a courtroom where he has been accused of child sexual abuse has a sense of betrayal that is unmatched.

For the father who must fight false accusations that he digitally penetrated his daughter or son will never be able to look at his false accuser the same way.

The real abuse in a case of false accusations comes from the accuser. It is as bad, perhpaps worse, than the crime they allege, because they are attempting to destroy the relationhsip between father and child. On the surface it looks like she is out to get him, but the real damage is done to the child who could lose a loving parent, and be left with a lying parent who doesn’t have the child’s best interest at heart.

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