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Fathers can be FREE from Child Support

David Pisarra June 5, 2011

In a little noticed case in California, T.P. v. T.W., the appellate court allowed a mother to seek termination of the Father’s rights to his child, while this case is a setback for father’s rights, on the other hand it is a way for men to free themselves from the bondage of child support for a child that is being withheld from them by the mother.

In her declaration, Mother stated that she had had sole legal and physical custody of Mi-nor since Minor’s birth. Mother claimed Father had left Minor in her care and had never shown any interest in either visitation or custody. Spe-cifically, Mother declared that she, not Father, had provided for all of Minor’s financial and emotional needs. According to the declaration, since Minor’s birth, Father had not provided any money or gifts and had not seen Minor or inquired about Minor’s well-being. Mother fur-ther averred that Father had never participated in Minor’s education or medical care and that he had no parental relationship with his child. She asserted that these facts demonstrated Father had acted with an intent to abandon Minor.

In this case, Father was not trying to avoid his child support, in fact he was fighting to KEEP his parental rights, which would include the responsibility to pay child support. But the court has decided that Mother has standing to seek the termination of Father’s Rights, which would free him from the duty to pay child support.

Interesting developments in the world of Father’s Rights these days.