Getting Past the Maternal / Paternal Gatekeeper – Using Family Wisely

As a Parental Alienation case is developed in our offices in Los Angeles, we survey the whole landscape of what is being alleged and what is available to prove that the Alienating Parent is at fault. We rely on an inventory of the entire family to see how we can prove the allegations are false.

One of the main tools that an Alienating Parent uses is to cut off the extended family so that the alienated child has not other information about the Targeted Parent than what the Alienator tells them. We get around this by having extended family members make requests for time with the alienated child, by having Grandma and Granpa get some one on one time with the alienated child there is the opportunity to counteract the false information.

If the Alienator refuses to allow this, then we have to get a court order, and that makes the false allegations seem that much more made up, because they should be irrelevelant to the relationship between extended family and the child.

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