Gossip Girl Gets 50% Custody – Child Stays In France !

When dealing with international child custody cases, the law gets murky quickly. As Los Angeles lawyers who have had international child custody cases we’ve had to deal with the conflict of law issues and have developed a great knowledge of the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction which deals with jurisdiction and enforcement of child custody.

Kelly Rutherford just learned that it can be difficult when dealing with an international child custody case. Her ex is in France and cannot travel to the U.S., so since the child is with him, she has to now commute to see her child. It’s a harsh reality that many parents who deal with international cases must face. It’s also something that most fathers have to do, versus most mothers, but that seems to be changing as more courts are awarding fathers custody of their children.

Just like with Usher, fathers are taking a strong stand to protect their rights to fatherhood and proving that they can be excellent parents. We are proud to help those men who want to have a primary role in their child’s life.

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