Gracie Barra Expert Makes a Good Move for A Restraining Order

Turns out that Jiu Jitsu master Rodrigo Gracie needs some protection from the authorities !  He’s asked a Los Angeles Superior Court to issue a Temporary Restraining Order against a 5’3″ woman. Super smart move on his part!

Given who he is, he would surely be arrested in any altercation by the Los Angeles Police Department. Men like him have to defend themselves in court with their words, and he has to do it prove that he was in fear of her, and ongoing abuse. Depending on the judge he gets, this may be easier said than done! Men are not sympathetic petitioners for a DVRO or Domestic Violence Restraining Orders thanks to a society that thinks all men are abusive and no woman ever is.Women  can easily play the “victim” card. A touch of a tear, a quiver in the voice and that scratching, hitting, cursing ex of yours becomes the “true victim” in the court’s eyes, UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO TO PROVE HER WRONG.

This is step one…


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