Help for the Alienated Parent

When I first start working a child custody case with an alienated parent, someone who has become an estranged parent from their child by the malicious actions of their former spouse or partner, I start by assessing the situation to determine how much work must be done to reunite parent and child.

I usually put people in a Parenting Class right away in child custody cases, even when I don’t expect there to be much of a battle over the legal custody or the physical custody – it just helps me to have the ammunition that my client is being proactive. I refer people to Jayne Major’s course at on a regular basis because alienated parents need to learn how to speak with their child in such a way as they don’t cause more damage. Her course is located in Los Angeles County. She also has an online course I have used in my paternity cases for men who are out of state or a long distance from her office.

First and foremost though when dealing with an alienated child and parent is to not use guilt on a child. Hard as it is, when your child is being disrespectful, adding guilt only makes their situation worse.

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