How Men Should Prepare for Divorce

I’ve written an article for the GOODMENPROJECT.COM on what men need to know to prepare for, and survive, a divorce. Men need to know how to protect themselves in the event of a divorce or child custody battle, and articles like A Guy’s Divorce Survival Guide are designed to help teach them the lessons they need.

Here’s a sample from the piece:

With this in mind, how should a guy pre­pare for divorce?
First, he needs to know what the com­mu­nity prop­erty is and that he is enti­tled to half of it. I’m not say­ing he needs to take half the sil­ver tea sets—but he should be sure to get half the value of the tea sets. I rec­om­mended that he build a room-by-room inven­tory of things that were pur­chased dur­ing the marriage.

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