How To Use Family Movies in Parental Alienation Defense

Child Custody cases frequently come down to a She Said/He Said battle for the judges in the Superior Courts of Los Angeles County. They have to read dueling declarations, and listen to long winded testimony about why the other parent is negligent, deficient, abusive or incompetent.

One has to wonder as the judges in courts like Van Nuys or Santa Monica sit there if they aren’t asking themselves if these people were EVER good parents? Which when those family videos you took can become like gold.

The family video of last year’s birthday party when Mom said that Dad was “the Greatest Father ever” can and should be used in court to show the judge that there was a time Dad was considered a good father.

The Christmas video of Mom helping the kids put together some new toy where Dad tells her she’s “the best mom” can be used to counter allegations of incompetence.

The point is that the videos have admissions by the Alienating Parent about the Targeted Parent that can be used to attack credibility. In Family Court, whether you are in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange or San Diego County credibility is the key that unlocks the judge’s opinion.

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