Los Angeles County Domestic Violence Restraining Order Pamphlet

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders are in theory simple to get, but the paperwork can be a GIANT F%$^*#!!!!! pain in the ASS. The Judicial Council of California has revised the forms and supposedly made them easier to fill out but frankly, it’s still a nightmare.

If you can’t afford an attorney, and you needto file a Domestic Violence Restraining Order you can do so in any court in the state, but I’m attaching a PDF of the Los Angeles County Pamphlet that lists addresses of help desk for you.

In the Central Courthouse downtown Los Angeles, 111 N. Hill Street, is the RESTRAINING ORDER CENTER (The “Roc” as the supervising Judge calls it!) and they’re very helpful.

If you want to hire an attorney to help you, please call us, we do many of them and can help you fill out the forms and the Declarations in such a way to best present your side of the case.

If you want Child Custody or a Moveout order, you DEFINITELY need to speak with an attorney to make sure you have the “magic words” in your declaration.


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