Missed Opportunities – the Alienating Parent’s Tool of Choice

“Never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity” – I think that is the first thing that alienating parents learn. The common refrain of all alienating parents is that the targeted parent, “missed” a phone calll, school performance, boy scout trip, girl scout activity or some other memory making event.

The reality is that the Targeted Parent didn’t miss it, they never knew about it. Alienating Parents have a nasty habit of not keeping the Targeted Parent informed, and then blaming them for not knowing about important dates, and using that “missed opportunity” as proof that the Targeted Parent is uncaring, unloving and unavailable to the alienated child.

It is the classic strategy of cutting someone out of the child’s life and then blaming them for not being there. It is frustrating and crazymaking for the Target Parent, and that iswhy they have to be ever vigilant about staying on top of school schedules, extracurricular activities and keeping the pressure up on the alienating parent.

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