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Newsweek article on Pet Custody and What About Wally?

David Pisarra Nov. 22, 2013

When I wrote What About Wally? Co-Parenting a Pet With Your Ex, I wanted to help people understand how to co-parent and share a pet. The topic has become more and more familiar as people continue to fight over their pets.I am very proud that my work has been recognized by NEWSWEEK.COM along with the work of my co-writer, Steven May. This article means more people will learn about what they can to prevent additional heartache, and possible ways to solve their disputes so that everyone wins in a pet custody case.

Here’s the money quote:

“As people increasingly view their pets as members of the family, the issues of separation aren’t that different from child custody, according to pet consultant Steven May (who, it is true, has a dog in this fight). During his divorce, May hired family law attorney David Pisarra to deal with, among other things, custody of his daughter, three dogs, two cats, and a parrot. Pisarra had handled such cases before and even co-parented a pet himself. May and Pisarra co-wrote What About Wally: Co-Parenting a Pet With Your Ex.

Adopting an animal with a partner is often a first step toward starting a family, says May. And even if that relationship sours, love for the pet usually remains. He adds that couples can even mend some of the hurt and loss they are feeling with a good pet co-parenting plan.”

The book What About Wally? Co-Parenting a Pet with Your Ex, is available on

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