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Online Life IS Part of Divorce !

David Pisarra Nov. 10, 2011

In the middle of some divorce and child custody battles, courts are now ordering the parties to exchange passwords to the sites like Faceboook, and

The new world of social media is causing many changes, and one of them is the need to do discovery online about your ex. We had one case, a spousal support termination case, that was made because the ex-wife had posted pictures of her new engagement ring, which lead us to find that she was living with a man in violation of marital settlement agreement.

We were able to get a father custody in a major Los Angeles child custody battle, because mom had pictures of the children doing beer bongs on her Facebook account. That was enough for the judge to change custody and limit mom to supervised visitation.

Because we do international child custody cases, we have clients from across the globe. We have represented clients and assisted on cases in Singapore, Thailand, Norway, France, Spain, Portugal, Mexico Canada and throughout the EU. Online life makes foreign activities available in California divorce and child custody matters. We have used pictures from foreign social media sites in custody disputes in Los Angeles County and Ventura County child custody cases.

When you are going through a divorce, make sure to change your passwords to ALL online accounts, banking, dating and otherwise.