Parental Alienation – The Molester Charge

I’ve been representing parents in child custody cases throughout the six southern California counties of Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, Riverside, Santa Barbara and San Diego since 1998, and I have learned that in most Parental Alienation cases, sooner or later, usually sooner, the alienated parent is accused of being a child molester.

The impact that this has on the accused parent and on the alleged victim child is devastating. It causes a rift that takes years of therapy and work to rebuild. The damage that is done emotionally between the parents is frequently irreversible. The false accuser can never be trusted again.

The financial devastation is horrendous. Accused parents liquidate funds they set aside for children’s college funds to defend themselves with criminal defense lawyers and family law attorneys who labor to prove innocence – which is an extremely difficult thing to do.

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