Pay Your Child Support With Pizza? Maybe.

In the News of The Wacky, I came across this article on Huffington Post about a man who was being charged with the crime of not paying his child support. It turns out though that the FEMALE JUDGE agreed with his lawyer, that when hard times hit and he didn’t have the cash to pay the $350 a month in support to his ex wife, his offer to give her that much in pizza, calzones and other food from his restaurant, counted. His ex-wife turned him down, and then came after him for the cash but the court sided with him, and acquitted him of any crime.

So can you pay your support in pizza? maybe if you own a pizzeria. How about subs? maybe if you own a Subway Restaurant. The point really is that he made his best efforts to be a stand up guy, would that work in the states? it’s a tough call. But hey, if it’s all you’ve got as an argument. Go with it.

'picture of pizza

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