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The Public Divorce Nightmare that Angelina Jolie is Creating For Brad Pitt

David Pisarra Dec. 6, 2016

When it comes to divorce strategy there are a few things that men need to learn – one of them is that this is a very public process – as Brad Pitt is learning. He just got shut down by a judge who sided with the soon to be ex – Angelina Jolie – in allowing the records and case files to remain public. She wants this to be as open and ugly as possible – it’s part of her team’s strategy to put pressure on him to settle and give her what she wants, at least that’s what I’m thinking she’s doing. I don’t represent anyone in this case, but I’ve seen this type of tactic used in many divorce and child custody cases. Private men like Brad Pitt, are often driven to give in when this tactic is used, but I hope that for his children sake and his own sake, that he doesn’t cave.

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In speaking with I shared my thoughts, that I

“firmly believes there will be a rough road ahead for the Allied actor. He explained, “The [court] docs show that Angelina is trying to make this a public nightmare for Brad. That is Angelina’s strategy so that Brad will surrender to her demands which we know include sole, physical and legal custody and which may also include relocating the children to London. If Brad sees this as a long, expensive, public divorce, he may stop fighting.”

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