Reunification for Alienated Parents and Children

When alienated parents and children are trying to re-establish their relationship it can be a rocky period and the parent may want to explain, persuade or become defensive about the events that lead up to the separation. This is generally not a good idea.

The alienated child has undergone extensive abuse and needs to be treated with the kindnes and gentleness of someone who has been through a war, for in many ways they have. The war of a child custody battle that is so much more than legal custody or physical custody – it is a war for the heart and mind of the child. They frequently exhibit symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, low self-esteem and have attachment issues that affect their relationships for life unless properly treated.

As a result, estranged parents and estranged children, should be treated by a qualified reunification therapist, of which there are several in Los Angeles County and Ventura County.

There are also residential programs to help bring alienated children and alienated parents together again in a natural setting.

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