She Stole My Kid! What Do I Do About International Child Abduction?

Parents who are from different countries often have a problem when it comes to deciding what country the child will live in. It is not uncommon for couples who are sharing child custody to have one parent abduct the child and flee to America or from America to avoid having to deal with the other parent.

International child abduction is a major problem, and if your child has been abducted, you need to act quickly and with an experience lawyer who knows what steps need to be taken immediately to get your child back and to protect your rights.

We have represented clients whose children were abducted to Canada, England, Scotland, France, Norway, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, or were threatened with a forced return to Singapore, Thailand, Norway, Portugal.

These cases are very complex and highly technical. They require an intimate knowledge of the Hague Convention of 25 October 1980 on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. Some countries have signed the treaty and depending on where they are in the process and what other countries are involved, the treaty may or MAY NOT apply.


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