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Sperm Banking for Worry Free Sex

David Pisarra Sept. 14, 2016

Cryo choice pamphlet

I give my legal clients loads of advice – advice that is more “how to be happy” than it is legal sometimes. One of the many things I tell men is that to be free and happy and take control over their futures is to take control over their reproductive choices. That’s usually a woman’s topic, but the times they are a’ changing.

Today, men have options that previous generations didn’t in terms of their contraceptive choices and the actions that they can take to not only preserve their best genetic material, but also guard against an unwanted pregnancy from that weekend frolic with the woman you didn’t really get to know.

What I tell men is they should go to a sperm bank and freeze enough of their sperm to ensure as many opportunities to be a father as they want, and then they need to get a vasectomy and they can live the rest of their life having worry-free sex without a concern of unintentionally becoming a father.

This week I’m doing research on Cryo Choice, a company that specializes in preserving sperm for men on a private basis so that they can preserve their opportunities for parenthood at the same time as making responsible decisions about their contraceptive choices. I’ll be speaking with a Cryo Choice representative about the process, the costs and the benefits on my Men’s Family Law podcast – which is why I’m doing research today.

If you’ve ever wondered about sperm banks, vasectomies and how to protect yourself and live a worry free life – the Sperm Bank episode and the Vasectomy episode will answer your questions.

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