What Happens When A Parent is An Alienating Parent?

In Parental Alienation child custody cases, I’m often asked what is the best way to treat the situation. It’s very difficult because judges do not like taking custody away from a parent. When alienating behavior has progressed though, and the parent child relationship has been damaged, the recommended treatment plan is to have an intensive period of reunification between the alienated parent and the child, with NO contact from the alienator, and then a plan to reintroduce the alienating parent into the child’s life.

The goal is to provide the child with enough information about the alienated parent that they can form THEIR OWN concept of who their parent is, and that they will then be able to defend on a psychological basis against the alienating comments of the alienator.  These cases are very difficult and painful for all involved. They are hard to prove to a court so kudos to the lawyers for Dad in the Dr. 90210 case.

This is what a reunification plan looks like, it seems to me that it must be what was going in the case of DR 90210 and his ex-wife.


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