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What I have to say about Kesha V Dr. Luke: She’s Stuck With Her Sony Contract, Even If She Proves He Raped Her

David Pisarra Feb. 21, 2016

No one supports rape or rapists, but is the allegation enough to get out of a contract? Nope. I chime in on the Kesha vs. Dr. Luke controversy in this article for where I don’t take sides. No one but Kesha and Dr. Luke really know what happened in their relationship. Could Kesha just want out of a bad contract and be trying to get out by saying he raped her – sure she could be, seems a bit extreme though. Did Dr. Luke really rape her? maybe, or did they have sex and now she regrets it? No one knows but her and him.

It’s the problem in sexual assault cases, and rape allegations – usually there’s no witnesses and no outside evidence. That’s why I said the following in this article:

“Kesha doesn’t have any legal grounds to get out of her contract and that is one of the reasons why the court ruled the way they did,” California Attorney David Pisarra tells HollywoodLife.comEXCLUSIVELY. “If Kesha complains that she is afraid to be in the room with Dr. Luke, then she should hire a bodyguard, and never be alone with the guy — it’s really simple.”

Photo of Kesha in an American flag.