Will Brad Pitt Have To Have Supervised Visitation With His Children?

IN what is shaping up to be a Hollywood Epic Divorce, could be the standard Child Custody War Plan that too many lawyers in Family Court apply – the “he’s abusive and negligent claims” to Child Protective Services and/or the judge.

I lay out in this article for HollywoodLife.com how it could all play out for Brad Pitt. The good news for him is that he has such enormous resources that almost any obstacle that is placed in front of him can be overcome with money. That’s also what’s bad for him, is Angelina Jolie has such enormous amounts of money and star power, and acting skills, that she can wage war convincingly, for a long time.


“Angelina’s likely next step will be to seek a 3-week temporary restraining order which can easily be granted by a judge based on Angelina’s declaration alone,” David told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “This would likely immediately take effect and put Brad on limited supervised visits [with the children] only. If there is no investigation launched by CPS then in 21 days a judge would hear the validity of the claims to determine custody and visitation until they finalize the divorce.”


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