Will Louis Tomlinson Pay Briana Jungwirth OUTRAGEOUS CHILD SUPPORT?

So in the never ending world of child custody and child support battles, the demands can get outrageous. Case in Point – Briana Jungwirth, who plays baby-mama to Louis Tomlinson is looking for a bigger payday!

Louis is already paying for a Malibu Beach  Mansion for her, PLUS giving her Monthly Child Support, but is that enough? NOOOOOO – she wants more! It’s the cry of the North American Baby Mama – “I Can’t LIVE on THAT!” even wehn that is $15,000 a month WITH NO TAXES OWING! AND HER HOUSE PAYMENT IS PAID.


Sheesh – makes me want to have a kid with one of these guys……Anyways I explain it all here on HollywoodLife.com

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